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Stanwick Lakes - Mirror Lake

This is not quite the image that I had in mind when setting out to Stanwick this evening.

I was looking for a great sunset as the sun appeared behind the trees to the left but the clouds gathered, as they often do over Stanwick, and the sky darkened. I had almost decided to pack up and head home, when the sun popped through the clouds and turned the whole scene into something new.

The sun flare hit the camera and was mirrored in the still lake water and the whole scene took on a weird sepia tone. With a little movement in the clouds providing leading lines to the sun’s focal point, this scene presented itself long enough to get just a couple of shots before it reverted to the previous dull overcast, almost stormy, look.

This image therefore provided me with something that is more than just a little special and a must for my Stanwick lakes gallery. It Is also one of the most commented on images by locals.

The above image is produced in the regular 4:3 aspect ratio.  However it can be cropped to a 2:1 ratio and printed on either A4 or A3 paper, this profile is available in several configurations to meet your needs.  This ratio gives a more panoramic feel to the image as can be seen here.

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Landscapes - SL Mirror Lake

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