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Harvest Bales

You can’t always predict the weather or a decent sunset whilst the farmers are harvesting, plus you can’t predict when the crop will be harvested, whether the bales will be square, round or some other shape, whether they will be wrapped or left open and then will then fall in the field the right way for the composition.

I knew what I was looking for and despite about 20 or 30 wheat fields being harvested, I really struggled the find the weather conditions right and the bales in the right place. This evening, the weather was fairly good and the sunset reasonable. It could have been better and I’d have preferred some leading lines in the final composition, but with a very short time window this year, I got out and made the best of what the local countryside has to offer.

This is the second of two images from the location and this one has only undergone a little post production work but the sky really did turn red over to the west and a golden yellow where the sun had dropped below the horizon.

The above image is produced in the regular 4:3 aspect ratio.  However it can be cropped to a 2:1 ratio and printed on either A4 or A3 paper, this profile is available in several configurations to meet your needs.  This ratio gives a more panoramic feel to the image as can be seen here.

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Landscapes - Harvest Bales

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