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Pesky Dunes

OK, so the name is a drastic play on words - Mesquite -> Pesquite -> Pesqui -> Pesky) Flat Sand Dunes.

However, the dunes were a little pesky that day. We arrived mid-morning to find them crawling with people and we decided to head further out of the valley to Panamint Dunes which we hoped would be a little less popular with the tourists. However, we missed the turning and had to double back and then, when we did find the road over to the dunes, we found that it was really impassable without a Land Rover, or equivalently equipped off road four by four. Our hire car was four by four equipped, but it was not up for the washboard track that was in front of us. So, it was back on the road and off back to Mesquite and a load of wasted fuel and time. I guess that this is the nature of landscape photography and checking out new sites.

The dune that we had decided to photograph looked clear from the car park and as we headed over, but when we arrived, we found that someone had walked through the scene. However, I like the effect as it leaves me wondering who that unknown explorer was?

The weather on the return journey was not great with a huge storm brewing way out over the mountains. This gave us the opportunity to capture some interesting cloud formations but it did mean a short wait in the car before heading over the dunes.

The walk over was pretty OK. Our anticipation of a good shot helped and we headed over to one set of dunes that looked really promising. However, on arrival we found that some pesky (there’s that word again) tourist had climbed all over them and the sands were foot printed.

With a shot in the bag, we headed back to the car and that was when the sand really began to get pesky. With the anticipation of the shot behind us, the trudge back through the soft sand and sinking up to our ankles was pesky and I was actually glad to reach the car and to empty my boots of half a beach.

The above image is produced in the regular 4:3 aspect ratio but it was always designed to be printed in a 2:1 ratio.  However it can be cropped to a 2:1 ratio and printed on either A4 or A3 paper, this profile is available in several configurations to meet your needs.  This ratio gives a more panoramic feel to the image as can be seen here.

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