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Deserted Spirits

As we headed over the washboard road from the highway, over the Bodie Hills and into Bodie itself, the snow began to fall and really set the scene for our visit to this long since deserted town. As we headed over the hills and got our first look at the town, it was the church that caught my eye and the first building that I headed to. I just loved the contract between the wet wood of the building and the snow, especially the bell tower reaching high above the town.

The church was eerily quiet and the bell as still as a newly formed icicle. However, with the town left as it was when the people left in a hurry, you can appreciate the spirits that must still call the town and the church home.

This one is more of a memory photograph for me, but also one that will appeal to those people that like images of churches, well it is a little different after all.

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Landscape - Deserted Spirits

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