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Cloud Rush

We felt like storm chasers at times whilst travelling through Death Valley, or was it that the storm was chasing us? This image was an impromptu stop at the side of the road overlooking the desert floor. This image captures the growing storm clouds earlier in the afternoon and before the rain really hit further down the valley.

I just love the way that the surrounding clouds appear to be hurrying together and almost forming a cone. What is even better, is the fact that I very nearly passed on taking this image – thank goodness I took the opportunity.

The above image is produced in the regular 4:3 aspect ratio.  However it can be cropped to a 2:1 ratio and printed on either A4 or A3 paper, this profile is available in several configurations to meet your needs.  This ratio gives a more panoramic feel to the image as can be seen here.

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Landscape - Cloud Rush

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