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Seine Lights

This is the first of two images that I captured of the Alexandre III bridge which spans the famous River Seine which cuts the city of Paris in half. The bridge was not necessarily on my list of possible photo opportunities for this trip. I’ve seen the bridge photographed a thousand times and most of the images look pretty samey I’m afraid.

However, following a leisurely walk from the Louvre, down through the park and onto Le Place De Concorde, we found ourselves at the bridge somewhat unexpectedly.

Taking advantage of the opportunity and having my filters with me, I caught a couple of fairly unusual shots of this iconic bridge.

This image, the first of two, caught one of the huge river sightseeing boats travelling down the river. The lights alongside the boats are blinding as they light up the banks and tourist sights for the travel guides to point out. Get caught in those lights, and you know it for quite a few seconds.

Unusually, the boat that I caught on this occasion had a bright blue light as well as the usual brilliant white lights along the side of the boat. This gives the image an unusual lighting effect both through the image and also lighting the water beneath the bridge.

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Cityscape - Seine Lights

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