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M4Photo - Photographs with Reproduction Rights

Most event and club photographers offer printed photographs only. This means publishing a copy to something like Facebook, a newspaper or advert, involves infringing the photographers copyright and you could leave yourself open to prosecution for copyright theft. Other photographers offer digital files but at a much higher cost to cover the flexibility of providing reproduction rights.

M4Photo acknowledge the fact that these days we all want value for money and we want to share our images online with family and friends. It is for this reason, that M4Photo offer a number of ways of legitimately acquiring copyright free image files to meet these modern needs.

Note: Limited Edition Signed Prints do not benefit frmo the Reproduction License Agreement referred to within this page and throughout this website.

Martyn put together a wonderful A3 collage of my daughter at various gymnastics competitions and events. He took the time to create exactly what I wanted with great attention to detail. I am happy to say I received exceptional service at every stage.

S Bird, Kettering

  1. You can purchase a copywritten digital .jpg file, which is transferred to you via our Reproduction License Agreement.

  2. You can purchase a print and request a copy of the digital file to be emailed to you as part of the purchase, at no extra cost. Again the copyright transfer agreement is used to cover your reproduction of this file.

  3. Purchasing any print from a gallery (excluding those in the Limited Edition Signed Print galleries) buys you the right to download and reproduce any of the images in that gallery from the M4Photo website. These low resolution images need to remain watermarked and reproduced as they are on the website. This option does not need the Reproduction License agreement, you simply need to be a paying customer.

All digital image files are supplied for the recipient’s personal use only and they must not be shared with anyone, given to anyone else for prints to be made, shared online or any other reason. In essence, the digital file must be retained under your control at all times.

Unless otherwise requested, the digital files will be supplied in roughly A4 size and set to 300 dpi. This should enable you to easily upload the file to one of the many online print labs or to take it to your local supermarket for printing locally. This option opens up the world of digital print to you. For example, most photo labs and supermarkets now offer prints to mugs, mouse mats, phone covers, cushion covers, canvas mounts and the list of options goes on. If you need a larger image size, please let us know and we will work something out for you.

Likewise, if you would prefer a smaller sized image for publishing online, please let us know and we will create your digital files to your requirements.

Please refer to our Reproduction License Agreement for full details or contact M4Photo to discuss your requirements and to see whether we are able to support your next event.