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About M4Photo's
Limited Edition Signed Prints

What are you buying?

When you purchase a Limited Edition Signed Print, you are buying an authentic reproduction of the original file using high quality materials. We discuss how the prints are produced below, some display considerations and other uses of the original image file. However, you can be assured that your specific print will be one of a small number of prints that are produced by M4Photo, approved and then signed before despatch to you, a gallery or other organisation originally buying the print.

"Just been looking at your fantastic photos. Sorry to ask could I have some more please."
Charlotte C (Rushden)

In addition to the signature on the reverse of the print, your print will be noted with the sequence number in the print run (for example 2/100, meaning that you have the second print in a maximum print run of 100 prints) and it will include a serial number sticker which will correspond to the certificate of authenticity which will accompany the print. It is the signature, serial number and certificate of authenticity that guarantees the legitimacy of your print. Every print is also recorded on a master database of the print run and this can be checked at any time to verify authenticity.

The certificate of authenticity includes the edition number, serial number, date taken, printer and ink used, print media used and the print size and printed date. The register includes additional original purchaser information and current print holder where the print changes hands and M4Photo are notified of the transfer by 'both' parties..

Once the print run has been exhausted, no more signed copies will be produced. This is to maintain the value of your investment for years to come.

How are the prints produced?

M4Photo reserves the right to change the print procedure at any time and without notice. This will be to take advantage of improved printing processes and equipment over time. At the time of writing the prints are all processed using official Canon equipment and materials. The image is printed using a Canon Pixma Pro-100 ink jet printer with genuine Canon inks and genuine Canon papers. This enables M4Photo to print very high quality prints in various sizes up to A3+, that will last many years when displayed properly.

It should also be noted that the print sizes indicated on the website are all approximate. They show the size of the actual printed dimensions, less any small white border. Many prints are set to a 2:1 ratio for better aesthetics and this involves printing to A3 or A4 papers and then cutting down. Purchasers have the option to have the cut down version or to leave the image on the original size paper with a larger white border top and bottom. However, whilst this caters for personal preference, the images will be designed to displayed in the cut down format.

Will your print fade?

The short answer is 'Yes'. You only have to look at old photographs to see that even those stored in the dark have degraded a little and those displayed in sunlight will have degraded more so. This is an unfortunate fact that is unavoidable when adding ink to paper. However, your print will be produced using top quality Canon ChromaLife100+ ink and quality Canon papers and, when displayed correctly and cared for, it should give you many, many years of pleasure.

As a broad example, the webpage linked above indicates that prints stored in an album could last 100+ years (the website states 300-year album life), those stored in the light could last 30 years, etc. Please refer to the Canon webpage for more detailed information.

How will your print be packaged and shipped?

Once printed, your print will be left to rest for a 24 hour period before it is carefully wrapped and packaged in a cardboard tube ready for shipping. All prints are sent by recorded delivery to ensure that they are cared for and arrive in the best possible condition. It is inevitable that some delivery agents are less than careful and all damages should be noted with the delivery agent on receipt and M4Photo is notified within 24 hours of receipt of the package. Compensation will consist of and be limited to a replacement image on receipt of the damaged print. the replacement print will be produced and despatched at the cost of M4Photo.

How should you display your image?

Many investors will wish to hide their prints away and out of natural light which will inevitably accelerate the deterioration of the print. However, M4Photo provide prints to be displayed and enjoyed. M4Photo therefore subscribes to industry guidelines on displaying works of art. For photographs, this means using UV protection glass to frame your print, to locate it out of direct sunlight and to take care when handling the print. Touching the printed surface could introduce finger print marking, etc. For those wish to take extra care, white lint free gloves should be worn when handling the print outside of its packaging or frame.

Other uses of the image file.

M4Photo reserve the right to use the original image file for promotional purposes and other commercial purposes. This includes publication online (Flickr, 500px, etc.), publication in magazines and submission to competitions. Once in the wilds of the internet, it is impossible for anyone to control the use of the image and even copyright is becoming less and less observed these days.

However, you can be sure that your Limited Edition Signed Print will be remain one of a small print run. No other use of the image file will be officially endorsed by the person who captured the image.

So why does M4Photo feel the need to use the image on other ways? Quite simply, it comes down to promotion and commerce. It can cost several thousands of pounds to produce an image and M4Photo wishes to maintain a low price point for printed images and thereby making them available to a wider audience. Not only is there the investment in many thousands of pounds in photographic equipment, but there is also the cost of consumables, insurance, travel to the location and sometimes accommodation, all of which add to the cost of producing an image. This is all taken into consideration when pricing an image and using it online.

M4Photo price the Limited Edition Signed Prints at a level which is affordable by most people that wish to display and enjoy the images. Making the digital files available online means that more of the cost of production can be recovered and it also helps to promote the images themselves. You never know, the image that you bought today might well become an award winner tomorrow.

However, you know that your signed print is one of those select few that was printed, checked and authenticated by the photographer himself and it is therefore special.